Atwater Village


Atwater Village may be small, but it is mighty. Wedged in between Glendale and Los Feliz in LA, I passed Atwater Village a few times before finally taking the time to stop and explore the little town with colorful storefronts. Atwater Village’s main street is along Glendale Blvd, at the cross streets of Seneca Ave and Glenhurst Ave. Along this street you will find endless coffee shops that are all next door to each other but are all still busy, the weekly Atwater Village Farmer’s Market on every Sunday, and a range of cute stores and eateries.

Currently my favorite bakery in Los Angeles (a title I do not take lightly), is located along Glendale Blvd in Atwater Village. Proof Bakery is located behind a dark, barely marked storefront in a tiny and minimally designed shop. Do not let this façade fool you, as this little shop bakes magic into the items they sell at their counter. I give the title of “Best LA Bakery” to Proof because no matter what I have tried from there, it has been absolutely delicious every single time. My first stop in, I tried one of the best slices of banana bread I have ever had. Since the bakery makes everything fresh every day, changes their menu constantly to follow items that are in season, and do not make too many of each item, they tend to sell out of things daily. They did not have the same banana bread, or most of the same items, the second time I went back. Since I was already there, I tried some other things for the first time, and soon forgot that I was sad about their lack of banana bread. If I followed them on Instagram I would be enticed to go back every day.


Atwater Village is a dangerous place for my wallet, between the bakery where I want to try one of everything, to Individual Medley, a curated boutique where I also want to buy anything they are selling.


Obsessed with these pop culture themed cards.


Atwater Village has a laid back vibe, where everyone dresses stylishly, owns an adorable pup, grocery shops at the farmers market each Sunday, and always has a cup of coffee in their hand.







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