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When I first saw the trailer for Hustlers, I honestly misjudged and wrote it off as looking corny and not worth $15 in theaters. I am so glad that it received so many positive reviews following its premiere, and that I was convinced to then see it this opening weekend. For anyone not on twitter or who do not follow TIFF movie buzz, here is your encouragement to go see Hustlers.

Reasons To See Hustlers:

  • As everyone is already saying, this is one of Jennifer Lopez’s best acting roles. I think she has definitely cornered her market on Rom-Coms and lighthearted female comedies over her long career, but it was really great seeing her take on a grittier “mob boss” type role. Plus her first scene in the film is…., well see it for yourself.
  • Jennifer Lopez is getting plenty of credit for her role, but I actually think Constance Wu steals a lot of the scenes in the film. I have only seen her in Fresh Off the Boat and Crazy Rich Asians, and I think Hustlers is her best acting role to date.
  • Although I will never have a Jennifer Lope body, for about two hours I was convinced that I was going to leave the theater on a mission to get a Jennifer Lopez body. By the next morning I was reminded again that I will never attain a Jennifer Lopez body.
  • So many cameos! In a stripper movie which requires a large lineup of actors, it is the perfect time to cast a diverse set of women, and throw a few famous names in there just because you can (Cardi B, Lizzo, etc.).
  • To watch a film led by the “female gaze.” I have seen the phrase “female gaze” come up a lot in think-pieces and tweets about the film. It made me realize how important it was for this film to be told by a female director, and how this movie could have really gone awry in so many instances when it is a so-called “stripper” film, but director Lorene Scafaria balances some of the dark and serious subject material, with lighthearted moments so well.
  • For the true crime story! I had no idea beforehand that this was a true story, let alone a true crime story. I am a sucker for turning a news-article into an exciting film, where you even get “where are they now” segments during the end credits.
  • For the reminder of the 2008 economic collapse. I am realizing there was a lot of things I did not now about this movie before seeing it, which is such a rare thing these days and keeps the viewing exciting, but I did not know that this film was taking place during the most recent recession. While watching Hustlers, I felt the format of the movie had some similar qualities to the film The Big Short (also about the most recent recession), and then I saw Adam McKay’s name (director of The Big Short) in the producing credits.
  • For the soundtrack which continuously reminds you that this film is set in the 2000s.













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