Father’s Office


I would say burgers are one of my top indulgent foods (besides anything with sugar of course). Anytime I have a strong craving it is usually for a delicious burger. So, when Father’s Office, a little hole in the wall in Santa Monica, was listed on travel websites as having some of the best burgers in Los Angeles, I had to try them out myself.

The best way to describe the Father’s Office’s aesthetic would be it is the perfect place to be featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Middle school Chloe, who watched marathons of this show, aka binge-watching before it was an official thing, would have definitely pretended to be her own version of Guy Fieri checking out this local pub where their burger gets all the rave. On their website, Father’s Office specifically notes that they do not accept any substitutions or changes on their burgers. I was up for the challenge, but definitely read this wrong beforehand because I somehow thought they would have different burger options on their menu. Nope, they are very confident in their one burger type, and honestly they were right to be confident.


The Office Burger comes on a fancy bread roll, no regular burger buns here! Plus the caramelized onions, bacon, gruyere, and yummy glaze sauce (no ketchup allowed) truly make the burger. I do not usually like blue cheese, but I followed the rules and even enjoyed blue cheese on my burger. For such a laid-back place, they have put together a pretty fancy take on a classic dish.

Besides the burger, they have yummy fries and a solid option of drinks. I paired my fancy burger with sauvignon blanc, mostly because it said it was from Middle Earth, New Zealand (Lord of the Rings nerd right here). All and all it was a delicious meal, on a cute street, in a little pub that has character and is definitely home to regular locals looking for their fancy burger fix.

Father’s Office has 3 locations in Los Angeles, although the Santa Monica location is the first home of the Office Burger.











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