DryBar Sake Bomb (+Ouai Oil)


HairProducts_1479The title of this post is my entire hair care routine. When it comes to hair care, I think everyone has a specific hair theme that they spend their money on (hair coloring, consistent hair cuts, lots of dry shampoo, hair accessories, etc.). I spend a good chunk of change each year on the straightening process for my hair, so when it comes to everyday upkeep, I aim for low maintenance and low cost.

DryBar has a really smart business model as they use their own products in each of their locations. Although I had a bad experience when during one of my blow outs the hair stylist was “showing off” the new brush crush which is meant to quickly straighten your hair and honestly I should have asked for my money back after that particular blow out (most hair straightening brushes are a scam on actually wavy/curly hair and only work on already straight but slightly frizzy hair!!!). Besides this particular experience, I usually love how silky my hair turns out so I asked what they use, and it was the DryBar Sake Bomb shampoo and conditioner. This is now my go-to shampoo and conditioner, and besides the occasional person telling me my hair smells like a DryBar, which I do not think is negative because it does smell good, my hair looks shiny and healthy and the products are super affordable.

Additionally, I received a sample of the Ouai Rose Oil from Sephora earlier this year, and it has been added to my post shower routine. Whether I am air-drying my hair or planning to blow dry it out, this oil is great for keeping frizz down and especially helping my ends look shiny and not dried out.




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