World Central Kitchen

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Following the most recent hurricane damage in the Bahamas due to hurricane Dorian, which is currently headed for Florida and other states along the south and east coast in the United States, I think this is a perfect time to highlight a not-for-profit organization, World Central Kitchen. While watching the news these days, it is hard to ignore the constant devastation happening all over the world due to various natural disasters. Each time I see another major natural disaster taking place I immediately want to help bring relief to affected people, but not every non-profit is equal, as some organizations do a lot more on the ground work than others.

Following hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, I, like many others, learned of Chef José Andrés and the amazing work he was doing in Puerto Rico to help provide meals to those impacted by the natural disaster. I did not initially realize that José Andrés actually started his foundation, World Central Kitchen, years before hurricane Maria in 2010, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. For the past almost ten years, Jose and WCK has provided life saving relief for those impacted by these terrible disasters. Every time I see a new natural disaster on the news, I immediately go to José’s twitter feed to support his foundation in some way. He also provides a direct way to get updates on the disaster, those who have been impacted, and the recovery efforts, as he almost always is on the ground himself.

Even if you are unable to give monetarily, following José and his organization for both support and for staying aware of these disasters can help provide a spotlight on affected communities. Even in the face of destruction and suffering, following WCK’ work also provides moments of hope and reminders of the good in humanity. In this video José introduces his littlest volunteers, as families who were staying at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas on vacation have been assisting WCK in making food for those who were hit hardest by the hurricane.

*Images from World Central Kitchen of Chef José Andrés in action.






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