My Favorite Photographers

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I recently realized my Instagram feed had become so overcrowded and uninteresting, that I now prefer opening the app and individually searching for people to check their accounts, rather than continuously scrolling through my home feed. There are much worse things in life than starting to lose interest in an app, but I did at one time really enjoy the things popping up on my Instagram feed. I think it had gotten to a point that I was following just anyone and everyone, without really considering the content I would be regularly consuming.

So after this realization, I have been making a conscious effort to focus on what I would like to be seeing each time I open my Instagram app, which is people I truly like to keep up with from their life snapshots, pretty accounts that offer creative inspiration, and my favorite photographer accounts. Below I am listing my favorite photographers that I either found through Instagram, or found in other media forms (like travel magazines) and then followed on Instagram to keep up with their work. Instagram is truly a great way to follow photographers that I am such fans of, and where I can get access to a lot more of their work that they may not share in a professional setting.



Alice Gao is amazing at finding gorgeous lighting for each of her photos, whether it be a city landscape or pictures of her meal.


Joann Pai is a travel and food photographer, who never ceases to make me drool over her photos, for both her talent and the food that looks so delicious.


I discovered Olivia Rae’s work through the weddings she has photographed, but her non-wedding work is equally dreamy.


Gray Benko’s photos of her family adventures should really be turned into a children’s show or at least a children’s book, as each image is filled with color and conveys the joy and whimsy of raising children.


Brian Flaherty’s use of rich and vivid colors turns everyday moments into stunning images.


Bright, glamour, and fun describe Gray Malin’s stylized photos, aka the perfect prints to decorate a home.


Mika Berra’s moody nature photography reminds me just how vast the world is, while highlighting both the beauty and ruggedness of the outdoors.



I discovered Oliver Pilcher after seeing his work in an article for Conde Nast Traveler and was so captivated that I had to immediately find out who took the photographs in the magazine and then follow them on Instagram. His photographs display a sense of being effortlessly cool and candid.






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