The Surfrider Hotel


Across from my favorite beach in Southern California, in my second favorite place in the world, sits one of my now favorite hotels, The Surfrider Hotel. A lot of things in Los Angeles get listed on every travel website as a must see and tend to be over-hyped in some way, but wow, the Surfrider did not disappoint. There are not too many options for lodging in Malibu, mostly do to limited available land and the want to keep Malibu pristine and not too overrun with tall buildings. This hotel was the perfect addition to Malibu, fitting in as if it was always a part of this community.

From the surfers crossing the PCH over to Surfrider Beach, to the relaxing colors and inviting details(like bowls of fruit around every corner!), plus amazing views at breakfast and visits from the hotel owner herself suggesting beaches and hikes guests should try out for the day, the Surfrider Hotel feels like its own little beachy collective.

Surfrider is not a very large hotel by any means, but please enjoy some of the endless photos I have because I could not stop taking pictures of every corner of this place. I also would like to remodel any future home I own based off the photos below.

SurfriderHotel_0157SurfriderHotel_0588SurfriderHotel_0585SurfriderHotel_0587SurfriderHotel_0154SurfriderHotel_0591SurfriderHotel_0612SurfriderHotel_0151SurfriderHotel_0601A little hard to tell from this photo, but in the water to the right that is not a group of floating birds, but of all the surfers out on the water! Such a cool sight.SurfriderHotel_0156See what I mean about bowls of fruit everywhere…SurfriderHotel_0581Love all the little details put into this place like having a hammock on each balcony.SurfriderHotel_0621SurfriderHotel_0620








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