Taste on Melrose

Taste on Melrose_0373

Taste on Melrose is a local favorite, which means tourists who happen to be shopping along Melrose Ave and spot the Taste sign during brunch rush hour are usually turned away from the busy watering hole without a reservation. The first time I tried Taste, it was a somewhat last minute decision on my part, but we did at least call about two hours beforehand to make a quick reservation. We were sat closest to the front door on the first level patio, so it seemed like they were able to literally squeeze us in.

Since we only made it to the front patio at first, Taste appeared to be a casual hole in the wall-type, until I went to use the bathroom upstairs and realized there was an entire adorable restaurant inside. Once I saw the rest of Taste, it also made more sense in my mind why I would see two bridal showers walk past, as I thought it was an interesting place for a party based on the front of house.

The food at Taste is amazing and worth recommending to anyone who might be in the area. I had their french toast, which looks really simple in the photo, but is honestly the best piece of french toast I have ever tasted. I would also try their homemade sweet potato fries, so delicious!








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