Main Beach (in Laguna Beach)


I am pretty certain Laguna Beach is the version of Los Angeles I pictured in my head before I moved out here, not realizing that depending on the time of day, Laguna Beach is at least an hour and a half from LA. Although I of course think Malibu is similarly idyllic, Laguna Beach’s homes, shops, and beaches always seem picturesque and worth the drive. A day trip down the coast from Los Angeles, makes it seem like you are in Laguna Beach’s own little bubble.

Laguna Beach’s main beach, aptly named Main Beach, is where you will find tourists and locals both enjoying the water, sunshine, volleyball courts, and shops scattered around the town.

LagunaBeach2019_0420LagunaBeach2019_0459LagunaBeach2019_0453LagunaBeach2019_0448LagunaBeach2019_0403When colorful ruins turn into their own piece of artwork on the side of the cliff.LagunaBeach2019_0414LagunaBeach2019_0409LagunaBeach2019_0410LagunaBeach2019_3606LagunaBeach2019_3600You can tell you are in a touristy town when you see shops like “The Hat Box”….LagunaBeach2019_3466…and art galleries dedicated to people who are obsessed with their pets.






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