A fancy Italian restaurant set in an industrial warehouse definitely had me intrigued. Although “fancy” might be overdoing it, there were plenty of guys rocking the jeans, t-shirt, and nice jacket look that has become the nice suit of the Los Angeles professional world, Rossoblu is a step up from a local neighborhood Italian joint. As with most cities, downtown Los Angeles is constantly in a state of change as new hotels, apartment complexes, and restaurants open. The restaurant is tucked into its own corner, which blends in with the rest of the area. During the day, I would easily drive past it and not realize that instead of a factory, there was a lovely Italian restaurant inside.


Would definitely come back and sit at their inviting bar next time.



The world’s most unhealthy asparagus, covered in ricotta is the only proper way to eat it.



The pasta was good, just like you would expect, but I especially love a pretty plate.


The trend with  restaurants in LA, mostly due to cost of real estate, includes a cramped aesthetic, but being able to buy up large spaces in downtown allows for high ceilings and plenty of space at Rossoblu. Plus, modern decor and a lovely outdoor patio section give Rossoblu a fresh feel.







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