Lucifer’s Pizza


With three locations on Sunset, Melrose, and in Los Feliz, Lucifer’s Pizza is one of LA’s, and now my, favorite pizza joints. My friend and I went into the Lucifer’s Pizza place in Los Feliz, and I did not feel cool enough to be eating there. The shop is super tiny, dimly lit, and is covered in interesting decorations like gargoyles, pitch forks, sarcastic chalk drawings, and ripped out pages from a book about the Bush administration. Even the staff seemed to match the aesthetic as the worker who took our order was wearing a Biggie Smalls shirt, had a shaved head and tons of tattoos, plus one gold earring to finish out his look, and I feel like he deemed me uncool for ordering the mildest spice level possible.

This is one of the moments where I wished I could handle spicy food, as Lucifer’s is known for the spicy sauces that they drench their pizzas in. Besides their addicting spicy sauces, and overall delicious pizza toppings, Lucifer’s is popular for having gluten free and vegan pizza options that actually taste good. My go-to order? The Hot Italiano.

LucifersPizza_0122LucifersPizza_0121LucifersPizza_0120This is the world’s worst picture of food ever taken, but it is the perfect representation of eating Lucifer’s Pizza, messy, maybe a little blurry from so much spice, and of course dimly lit.





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