Schitt’s Creek

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In the words of Keith Urban,

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This is the perfect day to recommend watching Schitt’s Creek, as the show was nominated for four Emmy’s this morning. Schitt’s Creek is a sitcom that is charming, sweet, endearing, and down right hilarious. I have a very short list of classic sitcoms that make me outright laugh so hard, and Schitt’s Creek was recently added. The writing and character acting is pure brilliance.

The show regularly runs on a Canadian network, which is why people like myself, and Keith Urban, were late to the game in discovering this show. Luckily, the first four seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. Thanks to the many Schitt’s Creek GIFs and references on Twitter, I finally started watching the show and was immediately hooked.

The show is run by father and son team Eugene and Dan Levy who executive produce, write, and star on the show along with Annie Murphy and the great Catherine O’Hara(I also discovered Dan’s sister Sarah Levy is one of the characters on the show, such a talented family!). The four actors who round out the main family cast are the reason I am so invested in the show. Dan Levy’s character is my spirit animal, Catherine O’Hara owns every scene she is in, and I saw a tweet about how Annie Murphy’s facial expressions and wrist acting deserve an award. You will not regret watching this show.


*Show image form IMDB



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