La Quinta Resort and Club


When traveling, I tend to prefer bustling cities and towns, packed itineraries, and modern, and up and coming, places to stay and to eat. So, Palm Springs is definitely an adjustment to my normal travel pace, as it is slow moving, has an unhurried atmosphere, and definitely prefers a vintage feel for homes and hotels. La Quinta Resort and Club fits right in. Lots of guests appear to be regulars here at La Quinta, or of course they actually own one of the properties on site, and there are plenty of guests who are content playing long rounds of golf on their beautiful golf course.

La QuintaResort_4989LaQuintaResort_5028LaQuintaResort_5530 (1)I am not really a fan of golf, but it is not as bad when you have the mountains to look at.

The resort property is massive. The hotel has staffers who can take you around in golf carts to get from one side of the property to another. This adds to the “unhurried atmosphere” when you have a commute just from your room to the restaurant outside the lobby, but eventually you start picturing yourself retired in a place similar to La Quinta where the only traffic you experience is from getting lost along the sidewalk in your golf cart.


Each cluster of hotel rooms have their own pool out front, which can be really convenient when you want to walk twenty steps to take a dip, or can be a nuisance when its 7:00 am during your vacation and there are loud children outside having cannonball contests…

My favorite part about the resort is the white and blue buildings, accented by the beautiful colors of the palm trees and other desert foliage around the property.


There was a gift on my bed when I arrived and I was so excited until I picked it up and realized it was not chocolate, but a tile… La Quinta and I started off on the wrong foot. However, the endless amount of Palm Trees on the property made up for it.






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