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I am always in search of a way for me to consistently enjoy exercise. To clarify, I will never become someone who participates for marathons or can lift the biggest weights, it is not in the cards for me, but I want to enjoy exercise just enough where I can turn into one of those people who follow a regular routine everyday without feeling miserable about it. For my cardio, I attend a dance based exercise class twice a week, because the only way I will complete an hour of cardio is if I can sing along to the songs while dancing. For the rest of the week, and to try and build muscle that I definitely lack, I have been using the Sweat App.

I noticed on a handful of blogs over the past year that bloggers had become obsessed with something called BBG from fitness aficionado Kayla Itsines. After peeking at her Instagram I knew that the genes I was born with could never allow me to look at all like Kayla, no matter how many burpees I completed. Fast forward a year later and I changed jobs and had a little more time to myself, so I decided to get my butt in gear and try and build some muscle.

The Sweat app has a free 7 day trial, and I discovered that it is not only Kayla’s BBG program, but that the app offers a handful of exercise programs lead by some very in-shape gals. The app really works as a handbook for different exercises to help get and stay in shape, from gym based exercises that include using benches, dumbbells, and machines, to purely at home workouts where it is all based on body weight.


I consistently follow Kelsey Wells’ program, and then mix in BBG and some exercises from the yoga program and the body building program to push my body outside of its comfort zone.




I dislike working out in person with actual trainers. I think I have an authority complex when it comes to exercise because if you try and make me do pushups while commenting on my form I want to run away and never return to the gym. However, using this app is like having a fake trainer. I try my best to follow their form and do as many pushups as I can in 5 minutes, but without the added pressure.

I also like the flexibility of the app, which makes it easier to use when traveling or if I am having an extra busy day or not super in the mood to workout, I can do one of their quick workouts or try to complete a challenge. For someone who is not super experienced in the gym, there appears to be an endless amount of exercise ideas for me to work through.


Even though I may not work with a trainer face to face, the app progress tracking has enough accountability to keep me motivated.









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