HomeState is a great crowd pleasing choice. Having a viewing party and need a ton of food? HomeState. Trying to pick a spot for brunch? HomeState. Home alone and want something tasty while watching Netflix? HomeState. Just cannot decide what restaurant you are in the mood for? Do not worry, you are always in the mood for HomeState.

HomeState is a TexMex restaurant with locations in Los Feliz and Highland Park, neighborhoods located East of Hollywood in Los Angeles. The Loz Feliz location always has a line outside the door on the weekends when everyone is trying to get their brunch taco fix. I am not well versed in the “Tex-Mex” cuisine, but a delicious brisket taco is very much up my alley.

HomeState_5424HomeState_5420Endless chips needed for their delicious queso and the freshest guacamole I have ever eaten.HomeState_5421I always waiver between two and three tacos, but I think the perfect meal size at HomeState is two tacos and then chips and dip to share.HomeState_5413I firmly believe brisket tacos count as breakfast tacos.





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