Cooking Classes at Sur La Table


A fun thing I learned while searching for an activity to do when the weather was not cooperating, is that Sur La Table offers cooking classes in some of their stores throughout the US. Sur La Table’s cooking classes are the perfect class for people like me who do not have actual cooking skills, and have pretty basic taste buds. Their lineup includes learning to make your own pasta, grill the perfect steak, whip up some Thai food, and the class I choose, making Macarons. I probably choose the most “technically” difficult class, which I think was worth the money, plus I love to bake.

Sur La Table_4841You can find a Sur La Table in most of your local malls or outdoor shopping centers.SurLaTable_4847We were grouped in the pairs that we came with, and were given a batch to make per pair. Our instructor in the background, who was funny and patient, but also takes cooking very seriously and goes by “chef.” Honestly the perfect instructor for people who do not know how to properly beat eggs.SurLaTable_4848From powder…SurLaTable_4850…to slime.SurLaTable_4856Working on my piping techniques. I was definitely living out my Great British Bake Off fantasy.SurLaTable_4869These turned out pretty well if I do say so myself, although the coloring was a little bright.SurLaTable_4880Next is filling the Macarons, and the little finishing touches.SurLaTable_4881SurLaTable_4883Our chef instructor made an “Instagrammable plate” so he truly understands the real reason we all signed up for the class.

The class lasted about 3 hours, with a great instructor and all the materials included. We were each sent home with a plate of Macarons and even a discount for shopping in the store, so it really was a worthwhile experience. Plus, I have much more respect for why Macarons cost so much each, those suckers are hard to make.





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