Signature Room at the 95th


A few years ago I attempted to go up the Willis Tower in Chicago to enjoy the wonderful views from the top floor. I had only visited the top of the building years ago, when it was still called the Sears Tower and I was still a Girl Scout, and we made the trip downtown and into the building until we saw the insane line, and the insane prices. We sadly decided to leave, and I decided that the Girl Scout visit years ago might be my first and only trip to the top.

Fast forward to my most recent visit to Chicago, and I was searching for a place for dinner downtown that would be a great experience. I realized I had never visited the Hancock Building in all my years growing up here, so we booked a reservation for the Signature Room on the 95th Floor. My tip is if you are coming to Chicago and want to see an amazing view of the city, skip the Willis Tower lines and prices, and get a wonderful view with your meal instead at the Signature Room.


IMG_5245Signature Room at the 95th Floor_5247Entrance to the Hancock Building at street level, I love a good dramatic entrance.Signature Room at the 95th Floor_5252Signature Room at the 95th Floor_4803Signature Room at the 95th Floor_5263Our reservations were for 6:00pm, mostly because we booked this last minute and the options were either 6:00pm or 9:30pm. This timing worked out so well though because it was not crowded when we arrived, which guaranteed a window table, and the change in lighting during the time we were eating was magical. I would time your dinner with sunset as best as you can.Signature Room at the 95th Floor_5248Signature Room at the 95th Floor_5257The food was very traditional mid-western fancy restaurant food, and was delicious nonetheless.Signature Room at the 95th Floor_5261Signature Room at the 95th Floor_5267If you have a fear of heights than I would suggest sitting more towards the middle of the restaurant, as this was the view I had every time I looked down to my right.






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