Sunset Tower Hotel & Bar


Sunset Blvd. is a classic street in Hollywood’s history, and the Sunset Tower Hotel is a classic Hollywood hotel to match. Dimly lit and tucked away along bustling Sunset Blvd., the Sunset Tower Hotel’s snazzy restaurant is the perfect place for a cozy meal that feels like you stepped back in time.

Sunset Tower Hotel_1754 2Sunset Tower Hotel_1768The interior design of the hotel and restaurant is giving me old Hollywood vibes with soft colors and classically styled furniture pieces.Sunset Tower Hotel_1567The hotel is perched on an incline on Sunset Blvd, so there is a great view of downtown LA and the surrounding Hollywood area from the pool.Sunset Tower Hotel_0058Sunset Tower Hotel_0046Sunset Tower Hotel_0051Little touches on the walls, with framed photographs and even fun wallpaper in the bathroom, reminds you that you are indeed in Hollywood if you forgot.Sunset Tower Hotel_0039The Sunset Tower Bar (the fancier restaurant opposite the restaurant near the pool) has signs that ask you to refrain from taking photographs, so here is proof that I ate there. I was in the mood for turkey chili which came in a fabulous cauldron with mini bowls containing toppings to make your own chili concoction. I feel like eating chili at a fancy restaurant is contradictory, but it was very delicious anyways. IMG_0080 2Sunset Tower Hotel_0073







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