I do not have any degrees that would make me qualified to discuss the medical specifics of CBD, but I can talk about the changes I have noticed in my personal experience with taking CBD. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a long word that is hard to pronounce, and a plant extract that is becoming a hot selling product. I am usually hesitant before taking any products, medicinal or otherwise, and I did not try CBD for the first time until I heard many people talk about its benefits, and was convinced by multiple family members who had been taking it.

Since starting last year, I have regularly been taking CBD daily and have noticed multiple positive changes. There are definitely differences depending on the person taking CBD, for example my mom struggles with painful migraines and has used CBD to help relieve them. I do not struggle with migraines (knock on wood), but CBD has helped with carpal tunnel in my wrist, painful joints in my knees as a result from years of track, dealing with anxiety, and has drastically altered my period symptoms including feeling physically ill and lessening the painfulness of my cramps. For every person I have talked with that regularly takes CBD, I can honestly say they have at least one improvement in their health due to CBD.

CBD comes in multiple forms, and from multiple brands, but I am a fan of CBD oil from the brand Quick Silver, which I purchase online at Dr Vitamins. I also keep a few pens on hand, including one from Charlotte’s Web and one from Dosist, both popular CBD brands. Charlotte’s Web also sells CBD oil, and has much stronger doses for people in need of more relief for things like seizures or extreme chronic pain (and even offer CBD for dogs!). Dosist sells only pens, but has a range of highly potent options based on what you are looking for, and they do also combine CBD and THC for some of their formulas. From my personal experience, Dosist is definitely the strongest brand, while Quick Silver has a weaker formula, and Charlotte’s Web is in the middle ground.

There are a range of companies and brands getting in on the CBD trend, but I would highly recommend checking reviews and seeing if anyone you know has tried a certain CBD seller before just taking anything claiming to have CBD in it.

Although CBD is legal for purchasing for any reasons on the federal level and in California, it is not legal, or it is only available for doctor supported medical reasons, on the state level in some places, so I would consult your state’s thoughts on the product before purchasing.





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