Dead To Me

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This is very rare for me to not only get hooked on two television shows within a month of each other, but to get hooked on two drama scripted television shows within a month of each other. Dead To Me was recently released on Netflix, and I flew through the episodes as fast as I could, as they are only 30 minutes each in my defense, and now I am anxiously waiting to hear if they will have a second season.

Dead To Me is a great thriller drama, which is probably why it captured my interest so well, but the writing gives it a black comedy style. The acting from Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini is the cherry on top. Christina deserves all the accolades for her talent and I am so happy this role lets her shine.  While watching the season I kept thinking that this show could exist in the same universe as Russian Doll, the other drama show on Netflix that I binged through. The two shows have similar styles mostly in terms of writing and characterization, not really all the plot twists in each show that obviously make them very different.

It seems these days that new television shows know they have to hook you in pretty quickly with so much content to compete with, and Dead To Me is great at getting you invested right away and drops a plot twist right at the end of the first episode.




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