Rolling Greens on Mateo


Within the past few years downtown Los Angeles has continued to change and offer popular restaurants and some really cute places to shop. I recently discovered that Rolling Greens, a nursery and home goods brand with multiple locations in LA, opened a large nursery, shop, and event space in the Arts District.

Their items are definitely not cheap, but are good gifts or special occasion purchases. They have a few of their pricier home vintage items for sale online, but their best stuff can be found in store, like beautiful taper candles, adorable lights, and of course plenty of plants.

This location is quite large, and has a nice size parking lot with free (!) parking. It is a great change of pace for downtown and a nice place to stop in if you are in the area.


Rolling Greens_4468Rolling Greens_4451The showroom makes me want to completely redo my apartment.Rolling Greens_4435Rolling Greens_4431Rolling Greens_4504Their outside area is a little oasis in the Arts District.Rolling Greens_4539Rolling Greens_4529I did not want to subject any of these adorable plants to my poor plant parenting skills.Rolling Greens_4612If I actually bought these taper candles I would never use them, just keep them stored like this on a shelf to stare at.Rolling Greens_4601Rolling Greens_4600They have so many lights that I loved!Rolling Greens_4609Rolling Greens_4410I realized I took a bunch of pictures of things I wanted to buy but did not end up buying, which is a really great cure when you are on a budget or have too small of a apartment to store these items.





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