Tiger Balm


This is a quick shout out post to share the magic that is Tiger Balm. For anyone who has chronic pain (like me!), I suggest having Tiger Balm in their medicine cabinet. I struggle with back pain regularly, and although I try to stretch consistently, not lift heavy things, etc., the pain will always pop up once and a while, and then take its time to leave. So if you cannot afford, or do not have the time for, a nice massage every time your chronic pain pops up, then using Tiger Balm is a great alternative.

If anyone else grew up with parents who made you put on Vicks VapoRub as a kid anytime they were sick, then the small tin of balm will feel and smell very familiar (although I think this smell is much more tolerable). I would use the balm if I am going to bed and have pretty rough back pain, but if I need to be in public and do not want to smell like medicine, then I would use one of the patches. I would recommend first rubbing a little bit on the top of your hand in case you have sensitive skin to test it, before putting on a large amount. I have found Tiger Balm at most pharmacies, and places like Target.




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