Los Feliz, California

Los Feliz_4939

Although there are a handful of neighborhoods in Los Angeles that get all of the love when tourists visit (Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, etc.), and all for good reasons, there are so many more neighborhoods to explore in Los Angeles. The longer I have lived here, the more chances I have to explore the different areas in Los Angeles with quirky personalities.

Los Feliz is located on the east-side of Los Angeles, where you will find more up and coming neighborhoods with lots of character and of course lots of hipsters. There is a lot of color along the streets in Los Feliz, and everything feels mismatched but in a good way. The best streets to walk along in Los Feliz for shops, good food, and sidewalk murals, are Hollywood Boulevard, Hillhurst Avenue, and Vermont Avenue.


Los Feliz_4937Los Feliz_4932I like all of the older details on the buildings around town, plus the pops of color.Los Feliz_4927Los Feliz_4928Los Feliz_4925This shop is full of nostalgic items, and the perfect place to buy a gift for someone.Los Feliz_4923Los Feliz_4921Los Feliz_4938Skylight Books owns up to its name inside with the perfect lighting. There is always something so lovely and peaceful about a brick and mortar bookstore. Los Feliz_4934Los Feliz_4930I was walking on the other side of the street when I spotted this “Pink Baby For You” and quickly took a photo. I never ended up walking past it directly to see what exactly would be in a store with a name like this. I thought a funky adult clothing store, a clothing store for children, or even a place that sells pretzels based on the image. I later googled it and discovered it is a nail salon! Definitely not my first guess.




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