doTERRA Diffuser and Essential Oils


I have always been under the mindset that a good smell can cure a bad mood. Or at least a good smell can help brighten up a space, which in turn can help improve your mood. Besides being candle obsessed, I started using essential oils this year to maximize the use of good smells in my home. I have realized that I am very specific when it comes to buying candles, as I want it to smell as natural as possible without being artificial, so using essential oils has been a great addition to the lineup.

I was gifted this adorable diffuser from doTERRA. It also plays a handful of ambient sounds and projects soft light so it can be a great night light or sound machine for peaceful sleeping. They also offer diffusers with more simplistic designs if you do not want the essentil oils to look like they are coming out of an elephant trunk.



I am consistently using a peppermint and lavender oil combination (more lavender than peppermint), but they sell a wide variety of smells. To use the diffuser you just need to fill it with water, and I only need about 2 drops of peppermint and 3-4 drops of lavender per use, so the oils last a good amount of time. The lavender is incredibly calming and great for sleeping.




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