Milk Bar – Los Angeles


As a dessert enthusiast, I was very excited when Milk Bar decided to open a location in Los Angeles. Since the store opened, I have had some Milk Bar items at parties, I have visited and ordered some at the store, and I have even had Milk Bar delivered through Postmates (which was when it first opened and I did not want to wait in a very long line so I discovered the best hack). Milk Bar is known for its desserts created by founding chef Christina Tosi. The menu really plays into the fun, cutesy, and decadent aspects of desserts, such as never questioning whether too many sprinkles is a problem. The store has a laundry list of items that take a few trips to get through, but below is my quick assessment of the items I have tried so far, in three words or less:

Confetti Cookie – Just Okay, Dry

Cornflake Choco Chip Marshmallow Cookie – Better! Still Dry

Corn Cookie – Weird…. And Dry

Birthday Cake Truffles – So Yummy

Chocolate Malt Cake Truffles – Even Yummier

Crack Pie – Actually Addictive

Pepperoni Bomb – Doughy and Delicious

Chocolate Malt Shake – Maybe Too Chocolatey

Cereal Milk Soft Serve – Simple, Refreshingly Yummy

Funny enough I have not yet tried their cakes, which is what they are mostly known for as the confetti layered cake has become synonymous with the Milk Bar name.

Milk Bar LA_4830MilkBarLA_2666The Los Angeles flagship store on Melrose offers classes. $95 might seem like a lot for one class, but you also get to eat what you make so it balances out. MilkBarLA_6407 2Milk Bar merch of course.MilkBarLA_4198The refrigerated section at Milk Bar is really the best, with truffles and my fave crack pie.







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