Dyson Hair Dryer

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 4.53.11 PM

I used a stock photo from Sephora’s website because my own Dyson hair dryer already looks a little beat up from traveling with it. This is actually a great endorsement because I have never traveled with hair dryers before, and always used whatever hair dryer was at the hotel, until I started using this one.

Now I was very shocked when I learned this hair dryer costs $400 and would only ever consider spending that much on a hair dryer if I won the lottery. This hair dryer seemed to pop up on a lot of blogger’s “gift idea” lists for Christmas this past year. If you are like me, then you mostly use these lists to buy gifts for friends when you cannot think of anything good. I love my friends, but not enough to be spending that kind of money on them (maybe in a decade when we are all successfully running our own companies or something). I think I also saw this item specifically listed on a last minute gift idea blog post, which makes me wonder where someone finds $400 last minute….

Anyways, I was lucky enough that my mom must have been reading up on blogger’s gift lists as she bought this hair dryer for me this past Christmas. She might have also just pitied me as the only hair dryer I have ever purchased for myself was a travel hair dryer from Bed Bath & Beyond that was $20. When I first used the Dyson hair dryer I thought maybe I had such a terrible one before that any hair dryer not from Bed Bath & Beyond was glorious, but I went to get my hair cut recently and was actually disappointed with how my hair was blown out compared to how it looks using Dyson. The Dyson hair dryer has temperature controls so you can balance cool and hot air on your hair. It somehow makes my hair look even healthier after I blow dry, as it looks silkier and straighter specifically with this dryer. It also dries my hair so much faster, and reduces the effort I have to put in, which is of course a plus.

Overall, I still think a $400 hair dryer is low on most people’s priority lists, but if you happen to need a gift idea for $400, then I would highly recommend this hair dryer.






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