Amoeba Music

Amoeba Music_99633

One of my favorite stores in Los Angeles is located on Sunset Boulevard and is full of vintage appeal. As written in its name, Amoeba Music mainly attracts music fans for its giant warehouse of music options, in cassette, CD, or record form. Along with a seemingly endless amount of music options, Amoeba Music also sells DVDs, t-shirts, posters, books, board games, lunch boxes, etc. that all tap into a nostalgic feel. Amoeba Music is like the garage sale of your dreams, where I always seem to find something new each time I visit.

Amoeba Music_9971Amoeba Music_9945Amoeba Music_9937

Audrey and Lucy, two of my favorites.Amoeba Music_9956Amoeba Music_9947Amoeba Music_9949Amoeba also buys items to resell, so you might not realize you have a valuable CD like the Home Alone soundtrack lying around somewhere which they are now charging $40 to purchase.Amoeba Music_9969Amoeba Music_9968These celebrity Jesus candles immediately caught my eye, and I specifically laughed so hard at this Missy Elliot candle.





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