Jon and Vinny’s

Jon and Vinnys_8242

Los Angeles restaurateurs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, won over my heart and stomach immediately with Jon and Vinny’s. Although I have somewhat adapted to the healthy lifestyle of Los Angeles, and have even learned to enjoy things like acai bowls and more vegetables in my meals, I will always love carbs. Jon and Vinny’s has carbs, I love carbs, so we are the perfect match. I can confidently state Jon and Vinny’s is my favorite restaurant currently in Los Angeles.

The restaurant is located on Fairfax Avenue in a narrow space(there is also a location in Brentwood). It is genius idea for a restaurant because it is always busy. The reservations fill it quickly as soon as they open, there are a handful of booths and then the counter for seats. I had to go at a random time, 4:30pm, and the only seats available were at the counter. This has also made Jon and Vinny’s a very popular take out spot.

Favorite items on the menu include their cacio e pepe, which I cannot pronounce but excitedly point out to my waiter on the menu, their meatballs with the most delicious garlic bread, their bruchetta, and any of their pizzas. In the back of the Fairfax Avenue location you will also find helen’s Wines, a tiny wine store with a big following in Los Angeles.

Jon and Vinnys_8272Jon and Vinnys_8243Jon and Vinnys_8252A sign of a good Italian restaurant, heavy with the cheese.

Jon and Vinnys_8261Jon and Vinnys_8260Cacio e pepe, my fave dish.

Jon and Vinnys_8247Sitting at the counter is not too bad when you can sit in front of chunks of cheese.

Jon and Vinnys_8257Jon and Vinnys_8269Pizza boxes waiting their turn.






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