Ysabel is a trendy restaurant and bar in West Hollywood, tucked away on Fairfax Ave. I specify that it is tucked away because the actual entrance is off the street and to the side of the building, and I almost completely drove past it. This was the first time I actually experienced not feeling cool enough to be somewhere in LA, because the hostess informed us on arrival that the restaurant was completely booked for the evening, even though about thirty percent of the tables were actually full. After we awkwardly stared at her for a few minutes, she then informed us we could actually sit at any of the bars or lounge areas. A weird encounter when we first got to the restaurant, but I learned the bar and lounge areas of Ysabel are the best parts. Plus they have delicious food and you feel like you are in a movie or TV scene where they portray Los Angeles as a snooty place filled with people who go to exclusive restaurants. (But seriously the restaurant stayed 30% full the rest of the time we were there so I honestly do not know what that lady was talking about).


Ysabel_0989I love any restaurants that have fireplaces you can sit next to while eating.

Ysabel_0995I was very into this lamp, so I had to document it.

Ysabel_1024Are these stairs? Or is it  place to sit and eat? Why not both?

Ysabel_1020I always have a thing for cool bars, and bonus points for color coordination of drinks.






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