Hilton Beachfront Resort Santa Barbara


Staying at the Hilton Beachfront Resort in Santa Barbara ended up being a last minute choice after our original hotel looked a lot different in person than was advertised online (and not in a good way). We decided to switch hotels on our arrival and I randomly picked the Hilton based on pricing and my limited options at the moment. Surprisingly, staying at the Hilton ended up being one of the highlights of our visit.

The Hilton has a prime location right across the street from the beach. The hotel offers all guests complimentary bike rentals each day and I recommend taking advantage of it. Being walking distance from the beach, the harbor, and Stearns Wharf, made it great for walking to restaurants and for finding activities to do in the beautiful weather. The resort is a huge property, and the hotel rooms are spread out in different sections along the property instead of one tall building. The layout of the hotel really sets up the resort atmosphere, along with the colors of the building. The light pink walls look beautiful right around sunset as the sun bounces off the buildings.

Also, I think this is the most dog friendly hotel I have ever seen. It seemed like everyone brought their dog with them, and it was amazing.









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