Jorlai Record Player


Although I always claim I want cash over gift cards because then I can spend the money whichever way I choose, I tend to save the money for future expenses, or spend it on everyday expenses instead of buying something exciting or what I might consider more indulgent. Gift cards on the other hand, tend to force you to buy something you may not regularly buy for yourself. After receiving an Amazon Gift card for Christmas, I decided to get a little more creative in how I spent it, and ended up picking out one of my favorite Christmas gifts for this year.

With the Amazon gift card, I bought for myself a record player. I had been wanting a record player for a while, but kept pushing it down my wish-list in favor of other items, until last week. Nostalgic items and vintage looks are definitely in trend these days, so there are a range of record players you can choose from. I picked this Jorlai Record Player based on the color I liked, that it was a good price (I did not need one with all the bells and whistles), that it had pretty good reviews, and it was a cute style. I also bought this record holder in a matching turquoise color.

Since they both close up, and basically turn into tiny suitcases, they are great for small spaces (like my bedroom in my apartment), or for taking to a party (idk if anyone actually does that).

So far the record player has been a delight, and easy to use. The records sound great on the player, and have already led to a few dance parties in my apartment.







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