LA Zoo Lights

LAZooLights_1443 2

If you are still looking for a way to distract your children while they are in the last half of winter break from school, some holiday attractions are still available until the end of this week such as the lights display at the LA Zoo.

I had seen the LA Zoo lights on plenty of Instagram feeds over the years, my friends taking pictures in what looks like a vortex of cool lights (also known as the tunnel of lights). The zoo lights attraction has many positives, such as being reasonably priced, especially when you are trying to entertain an entire family, as well as huge. The LA Zoo really takes advantage of the space, so there is a lot to see and this helps ease the crowds when it is more spread out. Also, parking is free and in a giant parking lot!

The only true negative I have is that the $6.00 hot chocolate seemed to leave out the chocolate, and was mostly just lukewarm water. Also, I would suggest purchasing tickets ahead of time online, and picking the 6:00pm entry time. Once the second group comes around at 8:00pm, the crowds start to get much larger. And if you are hoping to stop at any of the food stands for cocktails, hot chocolate that is missing chocolate, or a churro (which is very popular and actually the perfect snack for a chilly night), then you should definitely aim for the earlier ticket entry for shorter lines.

All in all it took us about two hours to go through the entire loop at the zoo and see all the lights, and this was without little children towing along, so it is a great evening activity that takes up your whole nights.


Based on the photos below, the tunnel of lights is obviously the most photogenic stop and I now see why it is an Instagram favorite.


LAZooLights_1415 2LAZooLights_1414LAZooLights_1429LAZooLights_1424LAZooLights_1412LAZooLights_1430LAZooLights_1433LAZooLights_1432LAZooLights_1431LAZooLights_1434








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