Kate Somerville Cold Cream


The Kate Somerville Cold Cream, or as I like to call it Kate Somerville’s magical face cream, is currently my favorite everyday product that I use. I received a sample from Sephora at the beginning of the summer this year, and went back to buy a full size version immediately after I tried it. Since then I have used the product almost everyday, and sometime twice a day, and made sure to recommend it to anyone who is listening.

I have mostly dry skin and struggled with dry patches that would pop up in different areas on my face, but since using this product I have not had any issues with dry skin during both warmer and colder seasons. The reason though this is a magical product, is because it is not only a great moisturizer but also removes makeup, is great for sensitive skin, and helps with acne breakouts and other blemishes on the skin. Although I mostly have dry skin, I sometimes say I have combination skin because my face is so sensitive to a lot of products that will cause breakouts on my skin, but so far this has not caused any.

After I wash my face I have been immediately putting this product on blemishes as it prevents them from drying out and reduces the redness as well as the prominence of the acne. If I have a really bad pimple I will rub a little bit of this cream onto it before bed, and it will already look less noticeable when I wake up.

This cream is also great for removing makeup, and is a much gentler option than using a harsh makeup remover. I put the cream directly on my skin and massage it into the makeup with a cloth, which gently breaks it down so that you can wipe it off your skin. I have found that it helps me apply makeup as well, as when you have dry skin and you wash your face a lot of time your blemishes will start to dry up which makes it more difficult to apply makeup to cover up the pimple. So, being able to apply a moisturizer on the blemish that will not make it worse, but also allows makeup to be applied seamlessly is really a game-changer.

Even better, most of Kate Somerville’s products can be very pricey, but this is one of her cheaper products and it comes in a large jar! Since I only use it on my face, the product has lasted for months.





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