Renegade Craft Fair


While growing up in Chicago, I spent a lot of time each summer being dragged by my mother to every craft fair she could find in the city. I think she was so determined to make it to all the craft fairs in an effort to take advantage of the warmer weather while she could in Chicago, as the two main winter activities involve shopping at the mall or seeing a movie at the theater inside the mall. She also loves to window shop, so going to the craft fair meant she could active window shop and discuss all the handmade products with the actual creators.

When I was younger I did not have the patience or interest yet to appreciate all of the handmade goods and unique items you can find at a craft fair, but I have learned from my mother to love wandering around and discovering new small businesses who create unique products.

I follow Madewell on Instagram and they posted a picture of their mobile shop which would be at something called the Renegade Craft Fair over this past weekend in Los Angeles. The fair was being held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, which is only fifteen minutes from my apartment. Renegade Craft hosts craft fairs throughout the United States, and even across the pond in London. Unfortunately, most of the Renegade Craft Fairs are done for the year in each city, you can still attend the Portland fair, Seattle fair, and London fair, but I tried to keep track of my favorite new brands I discovered and listed them below for those who missed out on the Los Angeles location.

Madewell is definitely not a small local Los Angeles brand, but it is one of my favorite clothing stores and the reason I discovered Renegade Craft in the first place, so it gets some extra love as their mobile “personalization station’ was at the fair. If you have not really looked into this brand before, I would suggest taking a peek.



Oh, Hello Friend not only has adorable items for sale, but also wins for best branding. Of course you can purchase something from them for yourself (like I did, with no shame), but all of the packaging reads “Oh Hello Friend, You Are Loved” which already makes it perfect to gift to someone else.



While looking through Renegade Craft Fair’s Instagram page, the designs from Luna Reece Ceramics stood out to me and I knew I had to find her tent while visiting. I actually regret not buying her adorable cactus mug, that I might now have to order it online.



These adorable mini planters made me stop in my tracks while walking past all the different booths, and everything at the Cedar Fawn Etsy shop is quite adorable.



I was really impressed with these lamps from Luke Hobbs Designs. They are also reasonably priced for such good craftsmanship and sleek designs. I think they would make really unique gifts.



Ceramics and planters were definitely a big theme in my shopping experience at Renegade as I also loved these pretty pastel planters from Tiny Badger Ceramics (and I end up killing every plant I own so I am not even sure why so many planters were calling out to me while walking around, I guess i will just keep buying planters for my friends).



Two artists who shared a tent had beautiful pieces for sale that really showcased their work. Artist Mimo Chai had a stunning storybook for sale, which I would have definitely purchased if I had a child in my life I needed to buy a present for this year.



I originally did not plan on spending money on myself while at the Renegade Craft Fair, my goal was to get all my Christmas shopping done for other people, but the illustrations by artist Josey Tsao lead me into temptation. When I saw this amazing print of the Pacific Coast Highway along Santa Monica, the Pacific Palisades, and Malibu, which is currently my second favorite spot throughout my travels, I knew it needed to be hanging on my bedroom wall.








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