Michelle Obama’s Memoir, Becoming


As someone who enjoys reading memoirs and autobiographies, there are certain people who I am generally interested in reading about, whether I think the books will actually be well-written and intriguing, or just somewhat informative. Even if you are not a big fan of autobiographies, I think most people would be genuinely interested in reading more about a former First Lady of the United States, and of course someone who is well-liked and has been a prominent public figure for the past decade. However, Michelle Obama’s book blew past my own expectations, and deserves all of the praise it has already received in the few weeks since it has been released (including being chosen for Oprah’s Book Club).

To be honest, I do not always read the preface in books, but someone had mentioned reading the preface for Becoming and I can see why. Within the first few pages, I was already crying reading Michelle Obama’s book, and I knew I was in for something special.

Michelle Obama is a wonderful writer, and Becoming is insightful, touching, and funny all on its own. Michelle Obama has accomplished so much in her life, which she lays out in the memoir, and gives a peek into growing up on the south side of Chicago with her family, as well as a peek into the family she has built alongside Barrack Obama. Besides being a wonderfully written book, it also offers an inside look on what it is like to live in the White House, be married to a President, and deal with the positives and negatives of being in the public eye. There are so many moments I was able to relate on a personal level, and so many moments where I learned more about a role, the First Lady of the United States, that not many people have received the title for.

I was not sure if I really needed to talk about Becoming, as it has received so many rave reviews already and it seems most people have decided whether or not they want to read her memoir. However, since I was still surprised at how good Becoming is, even before getting to the chapters in her story about the presidential campaign and living in the White House, I figured I still had to encourage anyone who might be unsure, that they should give it a chance.

And if you do not mind a few spoilers before starting Becoming, take a quick read of Shonda Rhimes article on the memoir.






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