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Yes there are an endless amount of options for places to get brunch in Los Angeles, but even after trying many of LA’s popular brunch spots, I was still highly impressed with the breakfast served at Republique.

Republique is located in Los Angeles on La Brea Avenue, only a few blocks over from popular tourist spots like LACMA and La Brea Tar Pits. The restaurant is an Instagram fave for its beautiful interior with great lighting. Beyond the main room, it is a bigger space with plenty of seating. I was turned off when I first arrived because there was a line out the door. However, I think this has to do more with how the restaurant is setup. Instead of it being a full sit-down restaurant, you walk past and pick out your bakery items, and order and pay for your meal before you go sit down. Once we ordered there were plenty of tables available, so the line is less scary than it looks.

Besides the pretty architecture, the food was so good. I would recommend their chocolate tarts(or any of their tarts), their canelés, which I would drive in LA traffic to eat right now, their chocolate cake, and well, basically any of their baked goods. I  also really enjoyed their breakfast potatoes, which of course are hard to intentionally mess up, but I would happily eat a plate of their breakfast potatoes with a side of their baked sweets.



After ordering your “number” is actually an old fashioned tin cup. And as you wait for your meal, your try your best not to eat all the sweets you got and ruin your appetite (but maybe at least try a bite or two).



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