Amazing Hotels Life Beyond the Lobby

While the title is a mouthful and could use some help, this television show is honestly my dream job. I have an obsession with hotels, so traveling around the world and getting to try out working at five star hotels for a week, while also getting to stay there, sounds like the best job anyone could have.

With some time off around the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve had the chance to binge watch BBC’s Amazing Hotels Life Beyond the Lobby and pretend I actually visited one of these spectacular locations instead of staying home on my couch this past week. I definitely seem to gravitate towards BBC shows when I’m looking for a feel good binge watching session. Similar to how the Great British Bake Off takes a very simple baking concept and turns it into a heartwarming show, this show gives a glimpse into different cultures around the world by presenting these incredible hotels and showcasing the staff that support them. The show balances hotels that are on most people’s bucket lists (like the Giraffe Manor and Ashford Castle), with more outlandish hotels that I had never heard before (like the literal ice hotel in Sweden and the Mashpi Lodge located up in the clouds of Ecuador). The first season is currently available to watch on Netflix.


Amazing Hotels Life Beyond the Lobby





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