Nars Fall Lip Products


With the colder seasons upon us, it is time for moodier colors to match the weather (I will admit it is still sunny and mostly warm on the west coast, sorry to everyone else in the US). I originally purchased the Nars velvet matte lip pencil in Infatuated Red, Dolce Vita, and Do Me Baby. All three are great everyday colors for the fall and winter season. I love using the matte pencils, as they look more subtle so you can wear it in the office and while running errands, but it does not dry out my lips. I have the worst issues with lip products that are drying, especially matte lip pencils, but I’ve worn Nars all day long and it stays on without drying out my lips.


The only complaint I have about the matte pencils, is that they do not last long. Which means they end up being kind of expensive when you have to keep buying new ones so often. There is not much product on the pencil, so after using two colors everyday I needed new ones after only two weeks. So that is how I then looked into their lipstick palette.


I love all of these colors in their 7 Deadly Sins palette for the cooler seasons, and this palette lasts forever. So I am now balancing out using the matte pencils, which I either keep in my purse or take when I’m traveling, with the lipstick palette. The pencils are great for quick looks or when you forget to put in lipstick and have to do it in the car before work. While the the lipstick palette is best used for when I spend time getting ready before I go out, or when I actually wake up on time for work and I’m not hitting my snooze button over and over again.

Both are great products, and even good options for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers if you are already thinking ahead.





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