Malibu Country Mart

Malibu Country Mart_8663

Malibu has plenty of beaches and restaurants lined up along the coast that you will pass on your drive along Highway 1. Finding the shops though can be a little trickier, but tucked back from the main highway is the Malibu Country Mart. This outdoor shopping center self-describes as a “boutique mall” which just means you can shop some fancy brands but in your yoga pants while drinking an expensive smoothie and bringing your dog along. This area is so dog friendly that next to the normal water fountains they have a doggie one.

Here’s my pup drinking from the convenient doggie fountain.

Malibu Country Mart_8687


My two favorite stores, Malibu Colony Company and Room at the Beach, both really speak to my dream of retiring in a nice cottage along the Pacific Ocean in Malibu and decorating it like a beach house from head to toe.

Malibu Country Mart_8698Malibu Country Mart_8708

Malibu Country Mart has all of the Malibu charm, is nicely manicured, very dog friendly, and is a great place to spend a nice sunny day window shopping.

Malibu Country Mart_8694Malibu Country Mart_8689Malibu Country Mart_8653Malibu Country Mart_8688Malibu Country Mart_8641Malibu Country Mart_8692Malibu Country Mart_8659





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