Geoffrey’s Malibu


With my current obsession for Highway 1 and Malibu, and too small of a budget to currently afford a home in Malibu, I’m always looking for other ways to spend my days near the Pacific Ocean.

Notes On Geoffrey’s Malibu:

  • So on my ocean-side restaurant list was Geoffrey’s Malibu. Located right off Highway 1, Geoffrey’s overlooks the Pacific Ocean. If you go to this restaurant and sit inside, it is really a waste to sit inside (of course that means the wait to sit outside is extra long but worth it!)
  • Although you have views of the Pacific Ocean, it is not actually right on the water. It is raised up to give guests beautiful views of the water, but there is a side-street and some homes in between. Geoffrey’s does allow guests to have a quick trip to the beach. Walk down a few steps, and cross the side-street, and you will find a section of the beach that is open to the public. You only have an extra 15 minutes though to put your toes in the sand and get an Instagram pic.
  • My impression from people who had eaten at Geoffrey’s before was that it was a fancy Malibu spot. Now with a name like Geoffrey’s you will automatically expect it to be highbrow. However, it was much more laid-back and casual than I expected, but that might have to do more with the people. I have noticed that most people in Malibu are laid-back so they can turn any fancy place into a Southern California hangout spot.
  • It was a particularly hot day when I went to Geoffrey’s and I had planned to be out all day, so I was worried about leaving my pup at home. For someone who lives in LA, probably the unofficial capitol of dog lovers, I had surprisingly not tested out the “bring you dog everywhere” lifestyle. I did call Geoffrey’s ahead of time and they allowed dogs. What I was not expecting is that apparently everyone else in LA already knows that Geoffrey’s is not just a dog friendly restaurant, but a dog encouraged restaurant. Every other table seemed to have a dog, and there were all types of breeds and sizes. I also discovered a lovely website called Bring Fido, which allows you to search for places that are dog friendly. So adorable!
  • My favorite item on the menu, Baked Brie in Puff Pastry. Simple and scrumptious.







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