Dodger Stadium



Most baseball stadiums are pretty similar and straight forward, so notes on my first experience at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles are brief. I am personally not a huge baseball fan (if I’m spending money on season tickets it would be for basketball over baseball), but I am not one to turn down free tickets anywhere.

  • I may not be a baseball fan, but I grew up around some major baseball fans in my family. I have visited a few stadiums around the US, but spent a lot of my childhood at and around Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. So my first impression of Dodger Stadium started before I even entered the gates. Wrigley is known for the neighborhood surrounding it, fans arrive to the game a couple of hours early so that you can stop at the bars and restaurants beforehand. At least from where I drove in, the area around Dodger Stadium was a little slow. I think Dodger fans are the get in and get out type.
  • Although team colors are not a valid reason to become a sports fan, I would gladly be a fan of the Dodgers just because of the pretty light blue found all over the stadium. It gives it a very retro feel, and perfectly suits a team whose home base is located next to the Pacific Ocean.
  • The stadium as a whole was nice and clean, and the view of Griffith Park on one side and downtown Los Angeles on the other make it a gorgeous setting for a baseball game. To top it off, the stadium is surrounded with palm trees, in case you forgot for a moment you are in Los Angeles.
  • With ride shraing apps being so popular in Los Angeles, it makes perfect sense that Uber and Dodger Stadium would form a partnership. Uber has its own section in the Stadium parking lot where you can call a ride and your driver pulls into a numbered spot to wait for you. At first it sounded like it would be a breeze, except our first two drivers canceled on us and by the time we went to request a third driver the crowd was so large that we had trouble getting matched with someone else. So, I would suggest walking down past the entrance gate and calling for a Lyft instead.









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