“That’s From Disneyland” Pop Up Exhibit


I assume anything with “Disney” in the title is associated with lots of money, so when I heard there was something associated with Disney for free I was immediately suspicious. However, I still had to investigate when it is basically in my backyard. In Sherman Oaks, California, a town in the valley above Bel Air and to the left of Studio City, in a storefront previously home to a Sports Authority, you will find an impressive collection of Disneyland memorabilia all belonging to one collector.

The Pop Up Exhibit, “That’s From Disneyland” is a free exhibit of the collection of Richard Kraft, from August 1st through August 24th, and ends with an auction of the items on display. The setup does have a “searching through your grandparent’s basement” feel, where it is a little creepy and a little nostalgic, but I was impressed with the size of Kraft’s collection. The items are either from the Disneyland park itself (such as park signs, decorations, or even the themed waste baskets), or they are vintage posters and renderings of rides that exist today or were never actually built into the park.

If you are a Disney fan then you will enjoy seeing a peak into some of the park’s history, and even if you are not a major Disney fan I think little details like seeing how much theme park food cost back in the 50s is interesting to see.

The line to get in was about thirty minutes, which honestly was not too bad and you can just pretend you are actually at the Disneyland park. Plus, Kraft has some Walt Disney qualities himself, as he came out to talk with the crowds and when a little girl tripped and fell he was ready to hand her some little Mickey Mouse ears.







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