My favorite meal has always been breakfast, so when I first moved to LA and heard about a place with the best breakfast sandwiches it was immediately on my radar. The closest Eggslut to where I was living downtown was located at the Grand Central Market, which meant there was always a very long line, so I delayed trying out the breakfast sandwiches for myself.

Fast forward four years, and now that I am living in the valley, I discovered another Eggslut location near The Americana in Glendale, which never seems to get as busy as the one in Grand Central Market. So I finally got to try the very popular breakfast sandwiches for myself. On the one hand, I like Eggslut’s bread for their sandwiches, I’ve tried both the bacon and sausage options (sausage always wins for me), and I love the sauce combos they use. Plus they offer orange juice to go with their sandwiches, which is the perfect touch. The problem is the only thing I am not a huge fan of from Eggslut, is the eggs. I am very much aware that my taste buds are limited, and I know “runny eggs” are trendy these days, but to me it ruins the sandwich. The eggs make the delicious bread soggy, and does not add much flavor. Besides that, the sandwiches are still really good so that is probably the best compliment Eggslut is going to get.

There are 5 Eggslut locations in total, 1 in Las Vegas, and the rest in Southern California. The menu is simple and straightforward, come for the egg sandwich and stay for the egg sandwich.


EggSlut_8196 copyEggSlut_8197




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