Ocean’s 8

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Notes On The Film Ocean’s 8:

  • Ocean’s 8 was already good before I even saw it just because they cast all of my favorite people. I will not tolerate harsh reviews for anything with my faves in it. Sandra, Cate, Mindy, and Sarah do not get bad reviews, they just don’t.
  • Some party poopers have said the plot lacks some conflict, but I did not buy  ticket to see conflict, I bought this movie ticket to see witty banter from a fun cast (also, in my personal opinion, I think all the previous Ocean films have less conflict than other movies and that is what you get from a heist movie involving a team of characters).
  • I recently realized I love Sandra Bullock in everything I’ve seen her in. In the past two weeks I’ve had a mini Sandra marathon as I watched Blindside and Practical Magic on a plane ride, then Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 was on TV last weekend. Even if the movie has a weak plot or the script is rough, Sandra always seems to bring her A game.
  • I really liked the fashion in this movie overall, but Cate Blanchett’s character really killed it in the fashion department. I need to step up my suit game and learn how to accessorize with my wardrobe. I just need a bigger fashion budget first.
  • I really liked the different characters in the film, but I don’t think they were all fully developed and impressionable. Instead I felt like I was just watching the actresses in real life hanging out and pulling off a heist. I can’t even remember the characters names, which I think might be a negative aspect of the film even though I said no negatives are allowed.
  • By the end of the film I decided I want an Ocean’s 8 television show where I can see all these gals every week as they get caught up in a new heist and wear killer fashion.


*Image from IMDB




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