I was very skeptical of a “drybar” concept, as my first thought was why not just go to a full service hair salon and get your hair done if you need it for a special event. I was also skeptical of the idea of paying to get your hair styled for everyday life. I was definitely proven wrong, my hair looked amazing for a few days, and once you try Drybar, you end up getting hooked.

Since the inception of Drybar a few years ago, it has spread across the country and seems to have gained a strong following in LA. I decided to give it a try since I was getting my college graduation photos taken, and it was during finals week so I did not want to worry about it myself, and now I see what everyone is raving about.

The best part about Drybar is that they are very quick with their service, as they have to be when the poor hairstylists are booked back to back with clients all day. I found it funny when multiple women in their nice work outfits would run in and put their suit jackets to the side, mentioning that their morning meeting got cancelled and were happy that there was a slot available. Even during the morning on a weekday every chair was busy with clients coming in and out.

They have a variety of blow out hairstyles, I got the super straight manhattan which I loved and looks great with thicker hair. They also do updos and braids. Although I was in and out in thirty minutes (this includes a minimal wait time as they took me right on time plus hair washing time), I got a sense of their adorable atmosphere. All of the stylists were very nice and so skilled, and with all of the pops of yellow I’m convinced I should decorate my future home with yellow.



I’m obsessed with this blow dryer lamp, I honestly think they should start a beauty themed home accessory line and I would for sure be a customer.






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