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Notes On The Film Solo:

  • I cannot handle Han Solo’s terrible hair in this film. I think overall the film for me gets a B, but that hair gets a D-.
  • Donald Glover continues to be a national treasure. I was waiting for Lando’s character to show up and was very excited when he finally did, and Glover did not disappoint. The film plays off Glover’s comedic timing and that ends up being Lando’s main role in the film, but no complaints from me.
  • I watched the trailer for this film when it originally came out, but I completely forgot Woody Harrelson was in this film and honestly laughed just from seeing him on screen. I am convinced Harrelson always looks for roles where he basically plays himself, and I always think he makes any film he appears in more enjoyable.
  • There is an awesome bad ass female character briefly used in the film who I would totally support in a standalone film, or at least more screen time in another movie. She has less than 10 minutes in a scene, but I am a fan.
  • Alden Ehrenreich does not do a bad job in his role as Han Solo, it is just a hard position to be put in when Harrison Ford is classically known for this role. Ehrenreich is a cutie who I became obsessed with after seeing him in Hail Ceasar so I will support his role, but I will not support the terrible hair. I really want to speak with the hair stylist on this set.
  • I predict Chewbacca toy sales will skyrocket after this weekend.
  • While watching this movie I kept getting Emilia Clarke and Felicity Jones, from Rogue One, confused because they look like they could be sisters in the Star Wars universe (I think I just came up with the plot for the next standalone film).
  • With all of the drama surrounding changes in directors, I think Ron Howard did well with the film. I do not think this film was necessary, but that does not mean I did not enjoy it. I saw a review of this movie on the news and it was described as a “nostalgic film that did not really push the boundaries.” I think that is both the pro and con of Solo, it was all about seeing a little more of our favorite characters and by playing it safe Howard did not upset the Star Wars universe.






One thought on “Solo

  1. About Emilia Clarke and Felicity Jones: somehow every female lead character in star wars looks the same… leia, padme, rey, now the new ones too: same body type, same hair colour 😀

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