Hollywood Blvd (Walk of Fame)


People who live outside of Southern California tend to view Hollywood as the center of Los Angeles and as the location where all of the movie magic happens. When I was younger and living in Chicago, I thought as a child that Hollywood Blvd was where all the celebrities could be seen walking around in between their movie shoots. While Hollywood Blvd and the Walk of Fame draw a lot of tourists in Los Angeles, it is definitely not on the top of my list for must visit places in LA. However, it does have a long history and I guess I should respect LA classics.

Notes On Hollywood Blvd and the Walk of Fame:

  • Although seeing celebrity sightings on Hollywood Blvd is rare, since they know it is a busy area and tend to avoid crowds, the best way to see a celebrity is at their Hollywood star ceremony. I have never accidentally come across a ceremony, as in during my many visits to Hollywood Blvd I have never been there on the same day as a ceremony. I have discovered that there is a website with a ceremony schedule so you can see ahead of time and try to attend one.
  • Jimmy Kimmel, host of his late night talk show, films the show in a building along Hollywood Blvd. A lot of his “man-on-the-street” segments are filmed right outside along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During my first visit to LA, and my first visit to this area, I actually saw one of these segments being filmed and got a picture with him, so I guess you can see celebrities at the Walk of Fame.



  • There is definitely an interesting mix of people along Hollywood Blvd, and people find interesting ways to try and make a few bucks off of tourists. I remember during a tour the guide stated “and here along Hollywood Blvd you will find ten different types of Spidermans,” as in ten guys of all shapes and sizes went out and bought Spiderman costumes and try and charge you to take a picture with them. Below is a perfect picture of two people supposed to look like Mickey and Minnie, and a man handing out his “mixed tape” to a couple of tourists probably searching for an actual celebrity.




  • The main draw for this area is the Walk of Fame, which continues to grow as more and more people are receiving stars. I think it is much easier to search for the location ahead of time for the specific stars you wish to see, otherwise it can take forever to check every star in search of a certain person.
  • This area is a really popular spot for the start of LA tours, so you will most likely be meeting in the Hollywood & Highland shopping center if you are looking for a guided tour.



  • Besides the Walk of Fame, you can also find the Dolby Theater, where the Academy Awards are held, the Grauman Chinese Theater, where hand print ceremonies take place, and Madame Toussads, where you can pretend you saw a long list of celebrities.
  • If I am not planning on specifically visiting Hollywood Blvd, then seeing my phone suggest driving down this street on my route to another location makes my cringe. It is either very busy from a mix of general traffic and LA tour buses, or it is closed down for a major event. So, in a lot of pictures there is the beautiful backdrop of construction workers setting up for the next event.







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