Folktale Winery and Vineyards


Sometimes picking a town and simply driving around can lead to new discoveries. When driving through Carmel Valley, without any actual plans, we drove past Folktale Winery and after lunch decided to check it out. We assumed it would be a more formal winery and that there would be a gift store of some type that we could explore, but the setup was not quite what we were expecting.

Once we walked past the little arch covered in greenery we were greeted with bubbly before we had even figured out what Folktale Winery was all about. I would describe it as a laid back winery with a hang out vibe. There are a few games you can play, like a giant connect four game, there are benches with fire pits, and some people were laying out on the lawn picnic style. Instead of just going there for a wine tasting, they have a menu set up with small plates of food and fancy desserts. You can also order flights to enjoy outside when the weather is nice. It was such a cute place to spend an afternoon, but we felt bad for taking the free bubbly when we just came from lunch and did not actually order anything (sorry Folktale, it was good bubbly though!)

They do have tours of the winery, and different activities like live music and yoga. It is the perfect neighborhood winery.






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