Avengers: Infinity War

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Of course any Marvel movie does not need anymore hype surrounding it, and I am sure at this point most people have decided if they are seeing this movie in theaters or not, but I had to share my first impression while watching Avengers: Infinity War because it was a roller coaster (and I will avoid obvious spoiler comments).

Notes On Avengers: Infinity War::

  • I must admit I was in a Marvel rut following the last Avengers film, Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film felt predictable and not as fresh, at least to me personally, so I fell behind in the Marvel cinematic Universe and skipped a hand full of films until Black Panther. I loved Black Panther so much that I was reinvigorated and excited for Infinity War.
  • For once, a Marvel film actually made the audience feel that something was at stake for the characters. This is not necessarily a bad thing for Marvel movies, but you always feel like it will all work out in the end for your favorite characters. For this movie, I would describe it as a superhero thriller because I was on the edge of my seat multiple times.
  • Since I have not seen a few of the recent Marvel movies I was late to the game, but I am very obsessed with Tom Holland as Peter Parker (although I was already obsessed with him after his Lip Sync Battle) and I was really thrown off by Benedict Cumberbatch’s accent for some reason (I guess I always assume his character will just automatically be British).
  • It is obvious now why they brought back the two Russo brothers to direct this film. You obviously need at least two directors to handle so many dang characters and settings in this film. Multiple times in the movie I thought to myself “oh yeah I forgot about him.”
  • This film puts the best spotlight on Guardians of the Galaxy and how much they bring to the MCU. A bunch of people were excited to see Steve Rogers when he first showed up on the screen, but my favorite entrance was the Guardians. I read somewhere that different directors of the standalone films gave input on their characters and I am a hundred percent convinced James Gunn just directed the first Guardians scene in this movie.
  • For a character who is giant, purple, and has a weirdly shaped head, Thanos seemed very realistic as a villain. Instead of being cartoonish, which usually happens to villains, Thanos is very straightforward as a character, but this makes it creepier that instead of being just crazy he carefully strategizes his terrible actions.
  • I had so many favorite characters in the film and wanted more of each of them, which is a good thing. This means Marvel has mostly really good characters and really good writers (my perfect Marvel lineup would be Gamora, Spider Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Bucky, Mantis, Groot, and Scarlet Witch who needs her own film. As I started creating this I realized it is just people I like, not who would be the best Avengers team but whatever this is my made up MCU).
  • When the end credits started I was so confused and convinced they skipped at least three more scenes in the film. They end it on a major cliffhanger, which I guess is how they get you to come back for more. For a film that is almost three hours long, the last quarter of the movie goes by quickly.







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