Big Sur Bakery


I never actually tried the food at Big Sur Bakery, but it is the thought that counts. Mostly I wanted to share photos from this little stop along Highway 1 because I found it adorable, I encourage you to stop by this restaurant to actually try the food, and I think these photos perfectly encapsulate the personality of Big Sur (or at least the small part of Big Sur I had a chance to explore).

After driving along the coast from Monterey to Big Sur for a couple of hours, I had plans to stop and eat at Big Sur Bakery. However, I did not check the restaurant hours as they only serve dinner and only on Wednesday-Sundays in the evening. When I visited on Saturday around lunchtime they only had coffee and pastries, so we instead drove to Nepenthe since we were starving for actual food after our busy morning. We did make a stop to use their bathroom, which immediately reminded me of the outhouse in the animated film Shrek (but in the best and funniest way, it was actually clean inside).

*Side by side comparison of the Shrek bathroom and Big Sur Bakery bathroom, surrounded by what looked like an enchanted forest.

We also took the time to explore the succulents and other cool plants growing around the restaurant.


They also had a pop up art shop and a little souvenir shop. Attached is also a gas station, which you should definitely stop at if needed as there are not many gas stations along this portion of Highway 1. So basically Big Sur Bakery is a one stop shop for food, coffee, unique plants, a little bit of shopping, a “shrek bathroom”, and a gas station.





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